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Flick, Dot and Buzz are busy cats who are out and about around the internet, and with the help of our human, we want to share the awesomeness of the internet with other cats and cat-people.

We want to share information about cat causes like cat-food-safety and having decalwing banned in Canada, and other kinds of cat-causes. We post links to cat resources and information on the intenet, and write articles about (and interviews with) interesting cats, and fun stuff too - cat toys and nip and such.

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What's NEW in our website?

Art Gallery

White Cat face drawing Gallery of Cat Art

Visit our new gallery page! Drawing cats is something our human finds amusing, so we've let her put some of her cat drawings up in our website... all part of our human training =^..^=

Cat Art Gallery

Advocacy and Activism

pet food safety

Pet Food Safety

That's our big issue right now, we're doing cat food safety activism work! We are very concerned about safe pet food since the Association for Truth in Pet Food presented the results of the first ever (apparently) consumer funded scientific analysis testing of commercial pet food. And the results are shocking! Read more on our updated PET FOOD SAFETY Page

Follow us on Google+! We share recall and pet food safety information regularly through Pet Food Safety Canadian Advocacy Group on Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/...

Winter 17-18

FDB Crest for Cats - the Kibble, Grass, Nip, Wounded Mouse Crest

The Cat Coat of Arms

We have a new coat of arms, so to speak! The Kibble, Grass, Nip, Wounded Mouse crest! =^..^=
This year we have been busy with our ongoing project of Pet Food Safety advocacy work... and in our spare time, patrolling our balcony, and managing our cat nip crop. Plus, frightening mice at night. Recently our human made us a crest to thank us for our work in deterring mice.


Earth Day 2013, paws for earth!

Earth Day

Join our Paws for Earth Challenge

Next to Boxing Day, Earth Day is our favorite holiday. After all, earth is our home, where everything we know and care about lives, and until we've proven that mice live on other planets, it's where we'll stay. Please join us for a 'Paws for Earth' special earth day celebration (and challenge).

Try our 5-step earth day challenge to reduce your carbon footprint; 'Paws for Earth' Read more... Earth Day


DIY for Cats

Elevated Wooden cat bed DIY project DIY Activities! Special for those cats in the northern hemisphere who enjoy outdoor sunning in the cool winter months, this wooden DIY cat sun-bed will provide many restful hours of draft-free sheltered outdoor time for long naps, sunning and grooming. Read more about the DIY Cat Sun Bed Project from guest authors Leonard, Miss Cali and Mr Dillon


Pet Food Safety Advocates

donte for safe Pet Food Hi Cats, we've been busy reading and we've decided to become pet food safety advocates. Don't worry, we're all safe and healthy, but there's lots of frightening things going on in the pet food industry. The more we've learned, the more concerned we have become. We joined the Association for Truth in Pet Food http://associationfortruthinpetfood.com/ and we continue to support this cause with funds raised by running ads in this website - you can support our work by clicking on ads that interest you!

Visit our Pet Food Advocacy page for more information: Pet Food Safety and follow us on Google+ for recall information, updates on pet food law suits and more - Pet Food Safety Canadian Advocacy Group


Cat Friendly Paper holiday decorations Happy Holidays! Cat-friendly paper Chrismas Ornaments you can make. Kid-friendly, cat-friendly, environmentally friendly... and presented here free with complete instructions too! Read more about Cat Friendly Christmas Ornaments - and if you enjoy those, check out more DIY Cat Toys too!

Meet some famous cats

We've written these two articles about some famous cats who have inspired us

Fritz the Cinema Cat of Salt Spring Our local hero cat, Fritz the Cinema Cat of Salt Spring Island. Fritz is possibly the most famous feline who's ever lived on the island, if not throughout the entire Gulf Islands. From our point of view, he's certainly more famous than some of the local human residents, but humans might feel otherwise. He was certainly very widely admired and highly regarded by his community.

3D abstract fiber art sculptures by Henry the Feline Fiber Artist An interview with a contemporary artist who's work we admire, Henry the Feline Fiber Artist, who's claw-work creates the fabulous 3D abstract fiber art sculptures on display at his local public library.

More Cat Reading

DIY Cat Scratching Post plans and instructions to make your own carpet covered cat scratcher

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Our DIY Page has a great new project! Complete plans, diagrams and building instructions for a 'Tower of Power' type scratching post. This project is a bit more involved than some of our DIY ideas, and you will need a few tools; but this is a great cat scratching post and worth the effort! Check out the DIY Cat Scratcher

Cat Litter Box Reading

Litter Box Problems?

Cat litter boxes are something cat owners hate to deal with, but if your cat starts going outside the box, you've got a whole new problem. Litter box issues can be complicated to understand, but there's lots of great information out there to help cat owners find the source of the problem and a good solution that will make both cats and people happy. Find cat litter joy and a happy box

Tail Talk - a cat language lesson

feline communication with tail Some people; often ones who describe themselves as 'dog people' think that cats are uncommunicative creatures. They would be exactly wrong! Cats communicate in all sorts of ways. Our most obvious signalling device is our tail, so we'll start with that. You can read all about TAIL TALK and look for future articles about other means of feline communication.

Feline communication - TAIL TALK

Applause for Cat Causes

Some great Canadian causes for pets:

Local Cat Rescues

Cowichan Cat Rescue: http://cowichancatrescue.org/

Canadian Politics: The Tuxedo Party of Canada

Earl Grey for Prime Minister! http://tuxedostan.com/ Because neglect isn't working!

Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team http://www.cdart.org/

CDART volunteers respond in times of disaster and emergencies when domestic animals are in need of rescue and sheltering. Volunteers are mobilized when local authorities request CDART's help and when the Provincial Emergency Program's Emergency Social Services is activated. CDART is 100% volunteer based and 100% of their funding comes from donations.

Flick Oddsock, and a link to Flicks page

Dottie Tuxedotoes, and a link to Dots page


Buzz cartoon, and link to Buzzs page

More About Us

Visit our PHOTOS Page to see all our pictures - Visit our ABOUT US page to read more about Flick, Dot and Buzz

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