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Hello. My name is Dot, although sometimes my human calls me Dottie Darling - that must be my full name I guess. Most people think I'm the serious one, because Buzz is a bit of a clown, and Flick is a daredevil... but I enjoy playing as much as the next cat. I'm very shy with strange people, so hardly anyone sees me except my own human, so some people think of me as the invisible cat, but I assure you I'm solid, opaque, and quite real - I'm just hiding under the bed when visitors come over.

Favorite toy

Cat Dancer! I love to leap and jump. I also really enjoy catnip - nip-filled toys are lovely

Favorite food

Crunchies, I treat all wet food (and some treats, or anything new) as suspicious

Favorite treat

Turkey, or chicken

Nap spots

The double-wide cardboard scratcher, or under something like a chair or the bed - those are my favorite spots to nap.

Hiding spots

Under the bed, under the bookshelf, under the chair - I know all the best hiding spots


Leaping games, like the Cat-Dancer, or chasing a moth.


I like killing moths, and I'm studying Spanish too; that's sort of a hobby.

Career plans

I like digging, archaeology might be interesting.

Hopes & aspirations

No more homeless cats (or pets of any kind) and an end to so called animal 'shelters' that kill animals - all animal shelters should be 'no-kill' animal sanctuaries


Strangers, loud noises, ringing telephones, the coffee grinder, the vacuume... lots of stuff is scary

Environmental perspective

Conservation, species preservation

Dot's Videos

Dot Chases her tail

Dot plays in a sunbeam


tuxedo cat photo
2015 Dot, serious as ever
cat and christmas tree photo
Dot, poses with the Christmas tree
cat paws
Dot Paws

Happy Summer!

Dot reading the paper

Reading interrupted by passing birds

Dot the cat
Nap time


Dot the cat feline named dot
Dot at Christmas 2012 Dot the cat
Dottie cat photos
the d in fdb - dot the cat dot
dot and flick dot in a box

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cat paw prints

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