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HIYA!! I'm Flick, and I'm excited to meet you. I enjoy the excitement of meeting new people, and I nearly always succed in charming guests into thinking I'm delightful, even when I'm pawing through their purses and bags. I haven't yet found a chicken samwich in anyone's purse, but I keep hoping someday I will - or a cheese samwich, that would be a good find too!

Once we've met and I've sniffed you throughly and rifled your purse, I'll probably wander off to find something new - my human claims I have a very short attention span, and keeps muttering something about ADD - I can't see why I should learn math now that I can spell!

SO... I'll write more soon, gotta go play in the sunbeams now...

Favorite toy

The newest toy, old toys are boring

Favorite food

We're kibble girls, but I'll try anything

Favorite treat

Tuna water, or stolen food

Nap spots

I like a shelf, high up for the view, and nestled into the towels

Hiding spots

Hide? Is that like 'ambush'?


This year I've learned the shell game, and I really like finding the treat. I also like chase kibble, chasing things that move, until I get bored of them. Chasing my sisters, is fun, and ambushing them from disguised vantage points is always entertaining.


Killing bugs, patrol duty... I like to find something new and exciting each day

Career plans

Trapeze or highwire circus act! Or maybe demolition... oh, wait - I wanna drive a super-hybrid monster truck crossed with bulldozer! Or explosives - I think I'd like demolition!

Hopes & aspirations

I want to be a superhero



Environmental perspective

Fight Pollution, reduce waste and end all environmental damage by humans!

Flick the Cat - infographic to explain how cats manage sharing space with humans

See, I fit fine...

Flick's Videos

NEW Video: Flick watches cat videos on TV

Video has 'cat friendly' bird sounds audio... you can turn up the sound even if your cats are listening!

Video: 2 Cats and 1 paper bag

Bags are very popular in this household!


2015 Flick, adverturous as always

Flick: Tuxedos take the best selfies!
Flick playing on the bathtub edge
Flick, perched on the edge of the tub

Flick and the cat nip fish
Flick enjoys her new nip fishie

Flick the Cat
Oh, Hai!

cat nip mouse
Nip mouse... mmmmm

feline yoga sphynx pose
Cat yoga, the sphynx pose

feline watching!
Look at that!

cat posing with art
Flick, poses with glass artwork

cat needs whole couch
Yes, I need the whole couch

Flick as a kitten Flick as a kitten

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cat paw prints

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cat paw prints

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