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Flick, Dot & Buzz

Three cats out and about around the internet.

Welcome to our website, and thanks for taking an interest in the three cats behind the FlickDotBuzz website! We are Canadian cats, born in Ontario's wine country. Our Mom-cat was a stray, but she found a kindly human and a warm home in a trailer park, and that's where we were born. Our Mom-cat still lives there, but the kind human found another kind human who adopted our litter - all three of us girls. Now we live with our human on Canada's west coast, on beautiful Vancouver Island.

We don't worry too much about our lack of pedigree breeding, we're trailer trash moggies and we're ok with that. We've found a good human companion (slave) and a loving home, and we know we are very lucky kitties. Our Mom-cat didn't find her forever home for ages, and we know some kitties never find a good home... even the fancy pedigree cats. Since we realize we're fortunate, we wanted to find some ways to give something back to cat-kind, so we started this website =^..^= which we hope you find a useful resource for all kinds of cat related information and fun freebies too.

We want to share information about cat causes, links to cat resources, articles about (and interviews with) interesting cats, and fun stuff too - cat toys and nip and such. And we'd love to hear about what other cats would like to read about too, so please send us an e-meow@flickdotbuzz.com we LOVE to hear from our readers!

Below you'll find a bit about each of us - we may be sisters, but we're three very different cats - and there's links to our own personal pages too! Puuurrrrrssssss....

Flick Oddsock Dottie Tuxedotoes Buzz
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Destruction, thy name is Cat

HI, my name is Flick. I used to think my full name was Flick-get-Down. I explore everything and everywhere, boxes, bags, you name it and I'm in it. I specialize in removing small items from elevated surfaces; brick-a-brack off shelves, pens off the desk, watches and glasses off the bedside table; I like to flick things, and that's how I got my name.


Dignity, thy name is Cat

Hello *nods head* I'm Dot. I only make friends with new humans very gradually, but once we know each other, you'll find I'm sweet, gentle and cuddly, although I'm a fierce killer of bugs and catnip toys (and laser pointer batteries, adds human).


Delight, thy name is Cat

Hi! I'm Buzz, and I'm happy to meet you. Just pat me once or twice and I go "Buzzzzzzzz" - that's how I got my name. I like cuddling, face rubs, laps, and being picked up, even, occasionally, nose-kisses.

Flick the cat Dot the cat Buzz the cat
Flick is master of the lightening fast "triple-paw-bat". She will use this technique on ringing cell phones, running water, and occasionally her sisters.

Flick may be planning a career in physics, since she experiments with gravity so often (or demolition?).

Dot is an expert of the devastating "Slam Pounce" technique, using her mass to her advantage, and that's how she remains 'boss of the toy-box' and 'queen of the sink'.

Dot is very keen on digging in the litter box *dig-dig-dig* and we see a future career for her in archaeology.

Buzz has a serious side too, her very favorite toy is a crumpled up receipt scrunched into a ball, she will bat them, chase them and carry them around in her mouth 'till they are shredded. She may be planning a career as an accountant.

Flick the Cat pet portrait by Chris Beetow Dot the Cat pet portrait by Chris Beetow Buzz the Cat pet portrait by Chris Beetow

Flick's Page

YEEHAAW!! I've got my own page now! C'mon in...
FLICK's Page

Dot's Page

Hello, and welcome... please visit my page
DOT's Page

Buzz's Page

Hi! Wow, my own page, that's sooo cool...
BUZZ's Page

Flick, Dot and Buzz are the co-cat-authors of this website, which is assembled with the assistance of their human companion Andrea

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Flick the Cat pet portrait by Chris Beetow

Flick's Video


Dot the Cat pet portrait by Chris Beetow

Dot's Video


Buzz the Cat pet portrait by Chris Beetow

Buzz's Video

cat paw prints
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Flick, Buzz and Dot

Thanks for visiting *paw waives* we hope you enjoy our website! Purrrs to you all.

Flick Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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