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Welcome to Flick, Dot, Buzz . com - our Articles page

We share our views on topics of interest to cats including human training strategies and tips, food stealing ideas, what kinds of cat-nip give the best high and why, and new toys we discover. We'll try to update regularly, but our human typist is also busy giving cat laps and chin rubs.

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Cats We Admire

Fritz the Cinema Cat of Salt Spring Island

Fritz the Cinema Cat of Saltspring Island BC Canada All cats are awesome, of course, but some cats are truly exceptional. Fritz the Cinema Cat enjoyed the admiration and friendship of an entire island. We are so fortunately to live in such a wonderful community. Please enjoy our story of a local feline hero.

Fritz the Cinema Cat

Henry the Feline Fiber Artist

Henry the Feline Fiber Artist An extraordinary artist, Henry creates fascinating and complex fibre scluptures with his claws. We were lucky to have the oppotunity to interview Henry about his life, artwork and goals for the future. Please enjoy our Interview with Henry

Meet Mr Dillon and Miss Cali

meet our feline friends We would like to introduce you to our long-distance-correspondence feline friends, Miss Cali and Mr Dillon, who live in the USA

Meet Mr Dillon and Miss Cali

DIY Projects for Cats

Toys, scratchers, shelters and other do-it-yourself projects for the cat in your life

Sun Box Cat Bed

A wooden napping platform for cold weather shelter while sunning, a great DIY project for wood workers, and a lovely treat for the cold-climate indoor-outdoor kitty. Could also be a nice rustic indoor cat-bed.

Sun Box DIY Project

DIY Cat bed

DIY Cat Toys

What cat doesn't love toys? These simple-to-make paper creations are excellent kid & cat entertainment, and fun for all ages - check out out DIY Cat Toys: Crazy Squares and Jumping Frogs. Or, if you want to play right now, and don't want to wait for your human to make a toy, check out these ideas: Cat toys you don't know you have

DIY Cat Toys

DIY Cat Scratching Post

If your human has wood working tools, please check out this great build project for a cat scratching post - a strudy home made version of the carpet covered tower-of-power that every cat should own!

DIY Cat Scratcher

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Cat Communication

Language lessons for humans, to help them better understand cats

Tail Talk

What exactly is your cat trying to say when it puts its tail up like the flag on a mailbox? Or when you see your cat sitting with it's tail lashing it's sides? Learn more about the mysteries of the language of the tail.

Tail Talk


Practical advice for cats and humans, in random numbered list form!

20 Things to try if kitty develops litter box problems

Twenty things to try if your kitty stops using the litter box Housetraining a cat is almost effortless because most kitties learn to use a litter box easily, but sometimes after years of perfect litter box attendance, they decide to do their business elsewhere. Described by vets as 'inappropriate elimination', and probably the leading cause of abandonment to shelters, failure to use the litter box is a big problem for cat owners.

We've compiled a list of 20 Things to try when kitty is avoiding the litter box.

18 Ideas to help you select a NAME for your kitty

Eighteen ways to select a name for your cat Selecting the right name for your new cat or kitten can be a big challenge. We offer 18 tips to help you find just the right name for your kitty.

18 Theories of Cat Naming

10 Cat Toys you have in your home right now

10 Cat Toys you have in your home right now 10 Ways to entertain your kitty. Cats need lots of variety in their play, this list has ten things you probably already have in (or near) your home right now that can be used to keep your kitty busy playing and happily entertained.

10 Toys to entertain your cat

9 Ways to get a lazy to play

9 ways to get a lazy cat to play Do you have a lazy kitty who needs more play? Check out these NINE tips for encouraging your lazy feline to get more active.

9 Ways to get a Lazy Kitty to play more

8 Tips on Emergency Preparedness for Cats

8 Tips on Cat Emergency Preparedness 8 Tips for preparing your feline companion in disaster readiness. Every pet-owning household should have an emergency plan to help keep your pets safe in the event of a natural disaster or extreme weather - try these 8 tips and links to more reading.

8 Tips to prepare cat households for natural disasters

7 Ways to Honour your Cat

7 Ways to Honour your Cat 7 Ways to show your feline companion honour. Every cat deserves a place of honour in the home, and we've got some ideas on how you can show your darling the respect and recognition cats deserve.

7 Ways to honour your cat

6 Cat Massage Techniques

6 Cat Massage Techniques 6 Massage techniques and tips to help guide your learning the fine art of cat massage. Patting a kitty is well known to have health benefits for humans, including lowering high blood pressure and reducing stress related complaints.

6 Tips for Kitty Massage

5 Games you can play with your cat

5 games you can play with your cat Playtime is not just about toys you know, cats can learn to play all sorts of games. Here are five quick tips to get you started devising games to pay with your feline companion.

5 Games to play with your cat

4 Household Chores Kitty might like to help with

4 Household chores your cat will enjoy Cats are very organized, and there are a few household chores they like to help with - or at least, watch you do. If kitty wants playtime and you have stuff to do, check this list to see which chores kitty might like to help you with!

4 Chores for Kitty

1 simple step to improve your life

1 simple tip to improve your life Adopt a shelter cat. Cat ownership has been shown to have both physical and mental health benefits. Adopting a homeless cat, a hard-to-place cat, or a cat that's been at a shelter for a long time will immeasurably improve two lives in just one simple step.


The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase

The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase, a Feline Who-Dun-It An exciting 'Who-Dun-It' mystery featuring a handblown glass vase and a small bunch of pink roses

The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase

Health & Fitness

Cat Yoga

Cat Yoga Cats are naturally flexible and they always remember to stretch after they wake up - see what you can learn about yoga from cats!

Cat Yoga Asanas


Paws for Earth Earth Day 2013 Challenge

Paws for Earth

Our Earth Day challenge

For Earth Day we're considering ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, and offering a 'Paws for Earth' 5-step challenge to all our cat friends too!

Read more... Earth Day Challenge

Cat's Eye View Articles

Course 101 - Five Do's and Don'ts for Training your person.

'Bad Human! Clean up your mess'
Flick, Dot and Buzz rant to save the environment from bad humans, and encourage good humans to clean up their own little corner of the world.

Human Training - First steps, stick to the basics

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More Human Training Tips
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