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cat in pink Great DIY project for cat lovers, a sunning box for felines

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DIY Cat Sun Box

Miss Cali modelling her sun box From Leonard, Miss Cali and Mr Dillon

I experimented with the height of the sides and observed how either of our two cats sat in the box. 11 inch sides ( 28cm) really kept the drafts out of the box, but our cats had to sit tall to look over the sides. 7 inch ( 17.75cm) seemed to low, so I comprised by using the two different widths of board. This worked well, when installing the floor too. The wood sides and floor are fir picket fencing and square red wood for the floor brace and legs.


NOTE: Do not use any glue, so sections can be replaced easier.

Finished Cat Sunning Box, outdoor box bed cat shelter you can build yourself The illustration (below) was colored so that the boards of the same width have the same color. Believe me, it wasn't artistry.

1. Cut the sides. Not the back pieces, the floor or the floor braces just yet.

2. Attach the legs to the sides, keeping the ends of the sides, square with the edge of the legs. I used common deck screws. (Pre-drill holes.) Keep in mind you will be attaching the back pieces to the same legs, so space your side screws far enough apart, so you will have space to install the back's screws. It's really hard to screw a screw through another.

3. Measure the length of the back pieces, including the width of the two legs. Cut the back pieces and attach with screws to the legs.

4. Mark a line on the inside of the legs where you will place your floor braces.

5. Measure the length of the back from the inside of each side. Cut your two floor braces to this length. When you install the floor braces, this will square up the box.

6. The floor braces are installed on the inside of the legs, with the ends against the inside of the side. This allows the flooring to extend pass the braces when the floor is installed.

7. Measure from the inside of the back of the box to the very front. (Outside edge of the leg.) Cut your floor pieces to this length. Note, I used two 5.5 inch and one 3.5 inch wide pieces. This allowed a small crack between the planks to allow better drying after snows and rain.

DIY Instructions for wooden outdoor cat sunning box from Flick Dot Buzz and guest author Leonard

Extending the sides lower then the floor reduces drafts. Since all of the wood is very weather resistive, I didn't paint or treat any of the wood. We find old rag rugs at various thrift shops and cut them to size for floor mats. They dry fairly fast after a good soak.

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Flick, Dot and Buzz: "We love these DIY projects for handy humans to build for their cats... thanks Leonard!"

Purrrs to you all.

Flick, Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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