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A Cat Mystery

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The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase

A Cat Mystery: The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase
The Characters in The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase

Cast of Characters

Described as ponderous and slow, but capable of operating a can opener.

Glass Vase
A handblown work of art, small and clear.

Pink Roses
Trimmed off their mother-plant and brought indoors, only to suffer a tragic and early withering.

The List of Suspects in The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase

List of Suspects

The most likely culprit, a frequent troublemaker, but no evidence aginst her.

Has a history of eating flowers, but no past record of kidnapping or abducting flowers.

Always the most innocent looking of the three, she might be trying her paw at deception.

The Setting for The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase

The Setting

A largely transparent scene, a small clear glass vase, set in the middle of a glass table, next to the windows, and containing a small bunch of wild pink roses, a few small blossoms, a closed bud or two and a few leaves to keep them companny.

A bright, happy and restful setting, before the night in question.

empty handblown glass vase with water
The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase, the Story

The Case of the Mysertiously Empty Vase

Early in the morning on June 28th, the glass vase which had previously contained the spring of roses was discovered to be myseriously empty. Upon closer inspection of the clear glass container, it was ascertained that the water on which the roses were depending remained, at pre-abduction levels, within the vase.

The empty vase in question
The roses, however, were no where in sight. What had become of the small sprig of roses? Without their water they would soon wither, so a wide scale search of the immediate area was undertaken. When no trace, not even a petal, was to be found in the area around the glass table, the search was expanded to include the kitchen and the hallway.

The family was questioned, and it was discovered that the house had been locked overnight, and there was no evidence of a break-in, and no spaceships had been reported in the vicinity either; clearly this was an inside job.

the disappearing roses, discovered on the carpet in the dining room Hours later, the poor rose was found, hidden under the dining room table and chairs, three rooms away from the site of the abduction.

Rescue workers rushed to the scene with plant misters and administered water immediately. The sprig of roses was carefully airlifted back into the kitchen, and returned to the vase. Sadly, some wilting had resulted while the search was underway, and a full recovery may not be possible.

Charges may be pending, as soon as the guilty party can be ascertained. The humans in the household appear to have no motive. They put the rose into the vase, and had no reason to remove it, particularly in the middle of the night. The location in which the lost rose was finally discovered suggests the feline members of the household, who had easy access to the under-table-area, which humans would have had to crawl to get to.

So the feline householders, Flick, Dot and Buzz are the most likely suspects in this disappearance.

Buzz has a record of past attacks on flowers, but her previous crimes were committed at the vase, with no attempt at subterfuge. Possibly Buzz is becoming more discreet?

Seen in the photo on the right, Buzz seems unconcerned for the fate of the roses, and she declined to answer questions about their disappearance.

Buzz, one of the suspects, appears unconcerned
Flick returns to the scene of the crime in The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase
Generally, if there's trouble Flick is at the centre of it all, but her past crimes against plants all involved digging in the potting soil.

Spy-cam photo of Flick, caught returning to the scene of the crime the next night. A rather suspicious act perhaps?

Dot has nibbled a few plants, but she hasn't done nearly as much damage as her sisters, so she might seem like the least likely suspect, unless she's turning over a new leaf? She is fond of hiding in the dining room, and the location in which the rose was eventually discovered after it's abduction does seem to suggest that Dot may have been involved somehow.

Should she be behind bars?

Dot is a suspect in The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase
Buzz declines to comment in The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase Unfortunately all attempts to question the feline householders have met with silence - they remain quite taciturn on the subject.

In the photo on the left, Buzz can be seen declining to comment.

Presumably the cats are acting on the advice of their lawyer, and will decline to answer further questions.

Without some indication of a conspiracy between the three, or material evidence pointing to one cat-culprit, it seems most likely that the case will remain open... another unsolved mystery!

wild rose in glass vase
The End of The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase

And so concludes The Case of the Mysteriously Empty Vase

Purrrs to you all.

Flick, Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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