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BAD Human! Clean up your mess!

Let's talk about making messes - you humans complain endlessly if we make a small pee stain on your carpet, you even complain about the smell of our litter box when you TOLD us to pee there! But what about your human messes?

We're not talking about your piles of dirty laundry (we'll play in them) or about the dirty dishes stacked in the sink. You humans are messing up our whole world! You are ruining wildlife habitats all over the planet, spilling oil slicks across the oceans, and poisoning lakes and rivers too. Stop making such a fuss about your blasted carpet and start cleaning up the stuff that matters!

We kill things, yes - we kill mice, insects, birds and squirrels sometimes too. But we kill them one at a time - you humans kill of whole species! It wasn't a cat that killed the last Do-Do bird was it?

So next time you humans want to freak-out about a little mess on your precious carpet, take a moment to think about larger messes. While you're doing your cute little stain removal dance with the wet rags and the dry rags and the baking soda, think about something you can do for the whole environment. Plant a tree, or compost at home, or pick up some trash in a public green-space. Worry a bit more about your planet, and a bit less about your carpet please!

5 Suggestions

...ways humans can clean up their mess

Composting at home

Many municipalities have composting programs, but shipping your waste to a centralized composting centre has disadvantages. Composting at home is fun and easy - read more:
Environment Canada Information on Composting www.ec.gc.ca/education...
Composting Organization in Canada www.compost.org
We have a worm-composter, and that's even more fun than back-yard composting - more info: www.cathyscomposters.com/

Plant a tree, or just hug one

More trees mean cleaner air... if you have any green-space, plant a tree!
Organization and information: www.tree-planter.com/, www.replant.ca/, http://friendsoftrees.org/
Sign a petition to save trees: http://www.naturecanada.ca/advocate/global_warming_forests.html?gclid=CNCa3oH18KICFRDyDAodEBIHog
There's 'How To' instructions for everything... Here's how to hug a tree: http://healing.about.com/cs/trees/ht/How_hugtree.htm (in case you didn't know)

Feed some wild creatures

Winter: Bird Feeders are very entertaining for cats, and a good way to feed some wild creatures; here are some bird-feeder ideas:
Make your own - http://www.greenlivingonline.com...diy-eco-friendly-bird-feeder
Read more about selecting bird-feeders - http://www.bird-birding.ca/choosing-a-bird-feeder.html#Hopper, http://www.backyardbird.ca/birdfeeders.html
Spring: Plant a Butterfly Garden, another great way to keep cats entertained, erm, feed wild creatures.
Gardening for butterflies: http://www.thebutterflysite.com/gardening.shtml
Butterfly Garden Planning: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/butterfly/allabout/Garden.shtml
Monarch Butterfly Garden: http://www.naturecanada.ca/take_action_monarch_friendly_garden.asp

Try environmentally responsible eating

Kind Green Planet www.kindgreenplanet.org/programs/veganatheart/welcome/
Sustainable organic food gardening: http://www.gardensimply.com/
Sustainable vegetable garden companion plants: http://www.sustainable-gardening-tips.com/

Sustainability in your own backyard

Sustainable backyard gardening: http://backyarddigest.blogspot.com/
Sustainable gardening: http://www.gardenwiseonline.ca/gw/sustainable-gardening

Want more?

Five Minutes for Going Green


Quick Green Deeds in 10 Minutes


Purrrs to you all.

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