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cat in pink Welcome to Flick, Dot, Buzz . com - Our article about Yoga and Cats

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cat paw prints

Cat Yoga

Cat Yoga

One has only to observe a cat stretching to learn the deep wisdom of yoga.

Cats are naturally wise and wonderful (we know, because we are cats!) and we can share our wisdom with people if they are willing to learn.

Just be mindful that the human physique is much more limited than that of a cat - and your human body won't ever master 'ear work' or 'tail asanas'.

Still, within the limitations of your stubby spine, immobile ears and tail-less-ness, you can still learn to stretch well and breath deeply and honour your body like a cat.

You may never accomplish the grace of your cat, but you will become a more graceful human. (You'll also notice when it's time to do the vacuuming if you spend more time on the floor with us!)

Some of the poses we will discuss and demonstrate in this article are similar to human-yoga poses or asanas, and some are more specifically suited to a cats uniquely flexible physique.

Favoured Cat Yoga Asanas

  • Sphynx Cat
  • High Cat - arched back - upward cat
  • Low Cat - front end low, tail high - downward cat
  • Crescent Moon
  • Crescent Moon with twist (belly high moon)
  • Loaf
  • Bun
  • Slow-flows
  • Ear-work
  • Tail asanas
  • Yoga-toes
classic cat yoga pose, the sphynx cat asana

Sphynx Cat

Perhaps the best known of the classic cat yoga poses, the sphynx cat asana. This is a semi-active pose, more alert than 'Loaf' with the front paws forward and braced but at ease, head is lifted and ear-work may be effectively practiced in this pose. Tail may be wrapped to the left or right, or arranged behind - opinions vary. This asana is useful for observation, alert meditation and creative speculations or hatching a plot.

high cat, or upward cat, a popular pose in cat yoga

High Cat

High Cat or 'Up Cat' - arched back - also known as upward cat, and somewhat similar to a human-yoga stretch honoured with the name 'cat'. This is a forward bending or back curling pose, suitable as a counter stretch to 'Low Cat' (sometimes called downward cat) in which the back bends the other way. High Cat is a good stretch for the legs after a nap in 'Loaf' or 'Bun' pose, and is an important part of the waking up routine for many cats, so this asana is often performed after 'Low Cat'.

Low Cat

Low Cat or 'Down Cat' - front end low, tail high. Also knows as the downward cat asana, similar to a human yoga stretch called downward dog. This back bending pose is an excellent wake-up stretch after napping, usually followed by 'High Cat', or as a stretch after one of the inward curling poses like 'Bun'.

Low Cat, the cat yoga equivalent of downward dog
Crescent Moon cat yoga asana

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon asana, like 'Low Cat', is a backwards bending pose but more restful and restorative, since one is fully supported by the floor while in this posture. Suitable for a post-napping stretch, or as a counter-pose to 'Bun', and also good for displaying or airing your belly-fur. An excellent extended pose to perform in sunlight. This is a good posture to combine with toe-stretching. When you lie on your right side this is a waning moon, and when you lie on your left side, you are a waxing crescent moon.

Crescent Moon Twist

Crescent Moon with twist (belly high moon)

A more advanced asana, combining twising with curling, and should be approached very gently, and only once fully relaxed by a short nap as preparation.

crescent moon twist cat yoga asana
cat yoga asana crecent moon twist Left: Buzz demonstrates variations of the Crescent Moon Twist cat yoga asana

Below: Flick demonstrates variations, as seen from two viewpoints

cat yoga, crescent moon twist
amazing cat yoga


The Loaf pose is a symetrical asana, upright but relaxed. Loaf pose is suitable for meditation and napping, and considered a restorative pose. Asanas with tail and paws tucked into the body preserve warmth and are good for cold weather or drafty observation points. Less vigorous than the Sphynx pose, Loaf is more contemplative and suited to longer meditations.


Bun is a more relaxed an asana than Loaf, and should be practiced on both the left and the right sides (don't forget to 'turn the bun' and practice on both sides). As a relaxing and restorative pose, Bun can be performed after a meal and is conducive to napping and restful meditations. With tail, paws and nose tucked in, this is a very warming pose, and if practiced in a sunbeam caution should be taken to avoid over heating. Alternate with a stretched out pose like Crescent Moon to provide a counter stretch.

cat yoga, bun pose
Cat yoga photo
Dot demonstrates Loaf pose
cat yoga

Half Loaf, Half Bun

Half Loaf, Half Bun is a variation that combines the two poses, more altet than Bun, it's suitable for combining with ear-work. More relaxed than Loaf, yet not truly symetrical, so should be performed on both sides as recommended for Bun.

Notes on Relaxation

A cat can be relaxed in every muscle but alert in one ear - older cats move with a remarkable economy of motion, engaging only the necessary muscles, while allowing others to remain relaxed. Humans tend to move muscles in groups or pairs (try lifting your human-toes, one at a time, without moving your fingers or your face!) and that ability to isolate muscular action if one of the important yogic abilities humans can learn from cats.

cat yoga posture called BUN

Cat Wisdom - what we can learn from watching cats do yoga

  • Be present in the moment
  • Sleep is an opportunity for restoration
  • Listen to your body
  • Honor your breathing
  • Stretch gently after waking
  • Gratefully inhabit your body
  • Luxuriate in every motion

Yoga tips for humans, from cats

  • Breath deeply in time to your motion
  • Find ease and relaxation in every pose
  • Listen to your body, and thank it for it's wisdom
  • Sleep more
  • Honor your cat

Notes about Balance Poses

Balance poses can be disguised as stalking behavior or a prowling route across banisters, narrow window sills or desk-edges. Cats enjoy the opportunity to balance, humans can too! Just stay off the banister. And the mantle piece. And the windowsill.

Chakras for Cats

Humans are considered to have seven chakras, while cats have nine. Our extra chakras are located at the end of our tail and our whisker-tips.

What isn't yoga?

Some things are NOT yoga for cats - jamming our butt in your face is not cat yoga, it is a different sort of exercise, a type of cat communication and sharing of personal space and 'information as aroma'.

Purrrs to you all.

Flick, Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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cat paw prints

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