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Meow... TOYS!!

D-I-Y Cat Toys

cat in pink Cats love to play, but sometimes store-bought toys get ignored or stuffed under the couch never to be seen again. We like simple home made cat toys, and ones that can be made from items in the recycling bin are the best. We share some of our very best DIY toys on this page. Just get some good quality cat nip (or grow your own) to add that little something special!

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cat paw prints

DIY Cat Scratching Post with replaceable carpet cover

Scratching Post

A DIY Scratching Post

Looking for a winter project? This DIY is a bit more involved than some of our other projects, and some tools are required. Still, this scratching post is well worth the build time, since kitty will get so much enjoyment for many years to come, and it can be recovered when the carpet wears out.

Read the plans for our friend Leonard's DIY Cat Scratching Post

Cat Friendly Christmas decoations

Cat friendly Christmas decorations

Cat-safe holiday ornaments

Thinking about how much damage your new kitty might do to your heirloom family ornaments? Or worried that tinsel might make your kitty sick? Try these hand crafted paper Christmas ornaments - they are both cat-friendly and enviromentally-friendly, as well as compostable and recyclable too! Fun for the whole family, two leggers and four leggers.

Dot plays with an origami paper frog

Origami Frog

Try making these fun Origami Frog Cat Toys

Wow, it jumps! It's light enough to carry around in your mouth! We think this Origami paper Frog cat toy is just awesome. If you're looking for an inexpensive, quick and easy DIY Cat toy project - and one you can compost or recycle when we're bored with it, look no further! Try out our DIY Paper Frog Cat Toy Project.

DIY Cat toys, cat nip scented crazy squares

Crazy Squares

Make your very own Crazy Squares Cat Toys

Cat Nip Crazy Squares are kitties idea of the best hockey puck ever... sorta. Lightweight corrugated shapes scented with cat nip don't look like much, but they make fabulous cat toys! Light enough to bat and slide and flip and environmentally friendly too! Try out these easy to make DIY Crazy Squares Cat Toy Project.

Cats love to play!

But... we get bored with the same old toys all the time. Buying new toys all the time might seem like the only solution, but we reject this idea of conspicuous consumption and in consideration of our carbon footprint, we like to think up fun (and safe) ways to play with the recycling, and to have toys that can be composted or recycled when we get bored with them. That way we can have new toys all the time and still feel good about our environmental impact.

We'd love to hear your ideas too! If you have a fun and environmentally friendly cat-toy idea, please send us an e-meow at e-meow@flickdotbuzz.com.

Purrrs to you all.

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cat paw prints

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