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Meow... DIY Cat Scratcher!!

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D-I-Y Cat Scratching Post

Kitty Tower of Power

DIY Cat Scratching Post with replaceable carpet cover Cats need a healthy outlet for their scratching insticts. Not only does scratching regularly provide cats with nail-grooming, stretching and excercise, it's a healthy way for them to mark their territory. This DIY Scratching post is a great kitty 'tower of power' that will give a cat an elevated viewing point as well as a scratcher, so your cat might want one for each window =^..^= This scratcher is a bit more involved than some of our other DIY projects, but it's worth the effort if you have the tools.

Prefer to print/save this project for later? Here's a PDF of the DIY Cat Scratcher

Special thanks to our friend Leonard for this project and his cat Cali, the beautiful calico who models the design.... puuuurrrrrsssss

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Materials and outline

Drawing 1 for the DIY Cat Scratching Post

Assembly Instructions

Drawing 2 for the DIY Cat Scratching Post

Finishing and covering

Drawing 3 for the DIY Cat Scratching Post

Photo of completed design, modeled by Cali

Photo of the completed scratching post, modeled by Cali the post-designers cat

Prefer to print/save this project for later? Here's a PDF of the DIY Cat Scratcher

A note from the scratcher-designer, Leonard

As most cat owners know, cats are very reserved and often their high intelligence doesn't show through. Sometimes the cat's owner has to show the cat what is expected of it. Our Tabby upon his arrival to live with us, did not know what the scratching post was. So, I stretched him gently upward on the post in a scratching position, working his legs and feet as though he was scratching and praised him at length. I repeated this procedure a second time about 4 hours later. After that the cat performed a true scratching on his own. Every time I see my cats using the post, I heap praise on them. With the scratching post, I have never had a single cat, scratch on the furniture or wood work. The post is truly worth the investment.

p.s. - cat nip can help encourage cats to use their new scratcher too - FDB

Special Thanks to our friend Leonard, who contributed this design, and to his cat Cali who models the scratcher

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Purrrs to you all.

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cat paw prints

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