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Meow... Happy Holidays!!!

Cat Friendly Ornaments

kitty playing with bow Kitty with Holly wings Cats love to play, and a decorated tree is a wonderful toy; but sometimes seasonal decorations can present hazards for cats. Tinsel and ribbons, if eaten, are very dangerous for small animals. Glass and sparkly plastic ornaments swinging in a tree branch can seem irresistibly toy-like, but they aren't always safe for kitty to play with.

For some unknown reason, the makers of stands for Christmas trees can't seem to design one that will support both a tree and a climbing cat, which seems like an obvious design flaw from a cats perspective. Humans seem to love decorating for the holidays though, so we propose a solution. Below we suggest some alternatives to traditional holiday decorations, that are cat friendly (and environmentally friendly) and fun to make too. Plus, you can recycle or compost them after, and have fun making new ones again next year!

Paper Snowflakes - Paper Chain - Paper Spirals - Paper Balls

Paper Snowflakes

Suitable for solstice and other holidays, the paper snowflake is wonderful fun to create. You fold it up, then cut it, and discover your creation as you unfold it!

You can put them up in windows or hang them other places, and use them to decorate cards and gifts too!

paper snowflake - start with a square
Start your paper snowflake with a square of paper. If you've got a rectangular piece of paper, you can find the square by folding the top two corners to the opposite edges and cut off the extra below where the diagonal folds crease the edges - this helps with the first two fold-steps too.

paper snowflake first fold
Fold your square of paper in half diagonally

paper snowflake second fold
And then fold again in into quarters, folding on the diagonal

paper snowflake third fold option
Depending on how thin a paper you are working with, or the shape of snowflake you want, you can fold once more

paper snowflake third fold alternative
Or try folding twice more, to get a different pattern

paper snowflake cuts
Cut different shapes out of the triangle, leaving part of both folded sides (if you cut too much, your snowflake might fall apart when you unfold it).

paper snowflake cutting ideas
You can round off the short side to get a more circular looking snowflake.

Try different shaped cuts and folds, have fun with the discovering of unfolding your snowflake and seeing the pattern emerge - sometimes not quite as you expected it.

Failed attempts can be crumpled up into a paper ball that your cat will have fun chasing around for a while before you compost the remains.

cat friendly christmas decorations - paper snowflake

Paper Chains

Kid friendly, cat friendly, environmentally friendly... what's not to love about paper chain decorations?
You can use craft paper, construction paper, magazines or wrapping paper (if it's very thin you can fold it to several thicknesses for structure and strength).

cat friendly paper decorations
Start by cutting your paper into strips. If you're using thin paper cut wide strips and fold them into thirds or quarters. You can also use thin card stock or boxes from your recycling.

paper chain environmentally friendly decoration
Take the strips and curl the ends towards each other

cat friendly christmas ornaments
Make a loop and secure the ends. Tape is great for kids, paste or glue works ok if you have patience or paper clips to hold it while the adhesive dries. Staplers work too but the staples aren't very cat-friendly or environmentally friendly either.

feline friendly holiday decorations
Thread the next strip of paper through the first loop, and connect the ends... you get the idea now!
Keep building on loops until you have a suitable length of chain.

cat friendly christmas decorations

Paper Spirals

These can be made out of paper or thicker materials like cardboard - thin card stock like old Christmas cards or boxes from your recycling work too.

Materials like the shiny silver packaging coffee sometimes comes in work well too, but they aren't very cat-friendly - select these materials only if you can keep them safely out of kitties reach.

cat friendly christmas ornaments Start with a plain or patterned piece of paper. Sketch out a circle by tracing around a coffee mug or other handy circular object. Cutting inside the circle, cut in a spiral pattern, around and around towards the middle. Leave a small solid centre from which you can hang your spiral decoration. You can tape it up or hang it from a thread.

If suspended over a warm air vent or a radiator, the updraft of warm air may set it spinning. Which kitty will certainly find entertaining... better make a few extra.

cat friendly christmas decoration paper spiral cat toy and ornament

Paper Balls

You can make Christmas tree ball ornaments out of paper! Safe for kitties, environmentally friendly, unbreakable, and fun to make too. You can use left over wrapping paper or other coloured papers. If you make a large one, the hole will be big enough to put a kitty-treat inside, and then they are a paper nom-ball! If you make them small, they are fun for kitty to bat and swat. If they get flattened, you can usually blow them up again! How many Christmas decorations can do all that?

Paper ball origami christmas decoration
Start with a square piece of paper
feline friendly paper tree decorations
Fold in half
cat friendly chritmast tree balls
Then fold into quarters
cat friendly paper holiday decorations
Once folded into a 1/4 size square, open the top to fold diagonally
chritsmas ornaments made from paper
Open the square on each side into a triangle as in the photo
ornaments that are cat friendly
Flatten into a triangle, then flip over and make the other side the same
cat friendly paper decorations
It will look like this once you've opened up both sides into triangles
cat friendly paper ornaments for christmas
Now fold the bottom corners up to the top, on the left and right sides
cat friendly paper decoration
Like this
cat friendly paper christmas ornaments
Then fold the corners just made in your last fold in towards the centre
cat friendly paper decorations for the holidays
Fold the tips down towards the points you just folded
cat safe holiday decorations
Tuck in the tips into the flap made by the folded-in corner
environmentally friendly holiday decorations
Flip over and fold the other side the same way. Lower corners up, side corners in, then top tips into the flap.
cat safe christmas decorations
The ball will hold together better if the tips are securely tucked into the slot made by the folded in sides.
cat safe holiday decorations
This is what it looks like when it's all folded
christmas ornaments cats can play with
Now blow air into the open end... you need to inflate your Origami paper ball.
holiday decorations that are safe for cats

One inflated paper ball... ready to hang on a tree or be swatted around by a cat, or both!

Happy Catmas
Wishing you a puurrrfect Catmas!

Flick, Dot and Buzz

Paper Snowflakes - Paper Chain - Paper Spirals - Paper Balls

Cats love to play!

But... we get bored with the same old toys all the time! We'd like you to make us some new toys please?

Check out our DIY Toys page for some neat-o cat toy ideas!

Purrrs to you all.

Flick, Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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cat paw prints

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