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FOUR Household chores your Cat may want to help you with

Sometimes it's hard to get stuff done around the house when kitty wants to play. Try a chore that will interest your cat, and you can work together.

Cats are born organizers, and will happily keep track of where all your stuff is. Of course, unless you know to ask for the cd that smells like peanut butter, or the sweater with hairs from a strange dog, we probably won't help you find it. We'll be happy to help you organize it all though!

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Making the bed

Widely recognized as a cats favorite household chore, making the bed is very good task to amuse a new kitty, or introduce her to the household chores. Kitty will likely appreciate the chance to explore new territory between the sheets, and inspect each layer of new bedding placed on the bed is usually appreciated. You may not feel that each layer needs to be inspected, your thorough co-worker feline likely will.
Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 2

Organize your clothing

You can sort out old clothing to donate to a local charity, and at the same time amuse your kitty, and clear out closet or drawer space. Kitty will enjoy inspecting, lying on (and shedding on) each garment you take out to sort. Has your kitty learned to open the closet door by herself? If so, she'd probably appreciate a bed in there, so once you've got some closet space cleared out, you can let kitty have a bed there!

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 3

Organize your bookshelf

Kitty will be quite helpful organizing your books, CDs, or DVDs. If you remove them from the shelves your cat will happily inspect the newly emptied shelf, and may agree to help you sort and organize the CDs, although books are more satisfying to lie upon. Stack or lie them on the floor for kitty to review and inspect. The presence or absence of kitty-prints on the shelf may help you decide if you need to dust or not. If you have a feather duster, you might even coax your kitty into helping with that part too.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 4

Organizing cupboards

The kitchen cupboards will be particularly intriguing to your kitty, but the linen closet or boot cupboard might be nearly as interesting. Lots of cats are interested in any sort of organizing or moving. If you sort and organize the cans and bottles in your kitchen, kitty will likely sit by to oversee your work and inspect anything you put in reach. If you start to fill a box for your local food bank, kitty will enjoy inspecting the box too. January, February and March are often when northern hemisphere food-banks are most desperate for goods, so that's a great time of year to see if you have any canned goods you can part with.

One final note on household chores and cats... We suggest you DO NOT ask your kitty to help with the vacuuming!

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Puurrrs to you all.

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