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7 Ways to Honour your Cat

Flick Dot Buzz Cat ideas 1

Create for your cat

Craft a creation for your cat; sew or knit a bed or blanket, build a perch with a view, make a birdfeeder to hang outside a window for entertainment, or craft a new scratching post.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 2

Compose for your cat

Compose a poem or a song to honour your cat. Some cats are very musical, and can recognize a series of notes more easily than the sound of their name. Your cats poem could be read annually on his or her birthday or adoption day, or you could compose a new poem for each year.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 3

Honour your cat in art

Draw, paint or sketch your cat. Create a sculpture of your cat. Compile a mixed media collage of your cat. Decorate your home with art of your cat.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 4

Honour your cat in craft

Cats shed a lot of hair, but once we're done with it, we would be honoured if you would create crafts with it. Some jewellers work in cat-hair (See http://www.heidiabrahamson.com and http://furandsteel.wordpress.com/) and we think that cat-loving crafts people have not even begun to plumb the depths of what cat hair can be used for - get creative and see if you can spark a new fashion trend!

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 5

Photograph your cat

Most cat owners photograph their cats, but then they hide the pictures away in their wallets or computers, or post them on the 'fridge like homework. Frame your cat photos and display them in a place of honour in your home.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 6

Cat on display

Give your cat a new place of honour to display itself within your home. Perhaps a new elevated bed on a shelf with a good view, or a seat by a window (or over a heat-vent) from which your cat can observe it's domain.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 7

Cat Art

Some cats wish to create art, retexturing the surfaces of your home. Encourage your cat to find a productive outlet for his or her artistic urges. Some cat artists create fantastic fibre scluptures - you can read more about Henry the Feline Fibre Artist in his blog: http://henrythefelinefiberartist.wordpress.com/ Henry's art is honoured in public buildings!

More about honouring cats

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