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SIX Cat Massage techniques

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Long, slow, flat handed smoothing motions all along the cats body. Or use shorter stroking motions and work your way from nose towards tail. Stroke with both hands simultaneously, then alternating, see if kitty has a preference between the two. Some kitties prefer not to be stroked on their hindquarters, or have a mid-line no-go-zone, past which you shouldn't pat or stroke. Some kitties dislike their tail being handled. Observe kitty ears carefully for indications of stroking preferences, if the tail gets involved, you're probably pushing your luck. Kitty may draw blood if you ignore earlier indications of discomfort or distaste for your methods.

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Fingertip Swirls

Circling motions with the tips of the fingers in the fur, working from nose to tail along the cats body, being sure to smooth the rumpled fur at intervals during the process - watch the ears closely for an indication of when to smooth the fur. This helps loosen shedding fur and stimulate the hair follicles in the skin, and some kitties are very fond of this type of massage, so try a few different motions to see if you can find one your kitty enjoys particularly.

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A more vigorous, open handed waving gesture, fluffing the body of the cat from front to back. Some cats particularly like to have their pants fluffed. Timid cats may find this too agressive, but cats who feel secure will hunker down at the front end and brace their hind legs and arch their tails to fully appreciate a good fluffing. Fluffing often ends with flopping, as kitty selects a side on which to flop down for the next part of the massage.

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Gentle, flat handed pats, like very delicate spanking or dabbing. Some cats like to be patted on their back in front of their tail - a variation on pants fluffing they prefer. If kitty doesn't seem pleased with patting, try with the fingertips only with very light tapping or finger drumming motions. Practicing your typing on kitties side is not a massage technique, although kitty may (or may not) be amused by that.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 5


Some kitties don't like to be 'back combed', but some don't mind having their fur ruffled this way - observe closely as you try this. Starting around the scruff of the neck rub your fingers through the fur against the direction of growth, working from the neck area to the top of the head. Using both hands, you can rumple the sides of the cheek and jaw fur forward too, smoothing the fur back into place if kitty seems agitated by this. If she's enjoying rumpling, you can try the body next - start around the shoulders and work forward, eventually, if this is a massage technique she likes, you can start at the base of the tail and work forward along the back and sides. Some kitties like their belly fur rumpled too. Remember to smooth everything back into place after.

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Paw Massage

If kitty is really relaxed, and is ok with paw holding, you can try massaging the main paw pad, then the individual toes, gently working the claws. It's worth some patience to get kitty used to this, since paw-massage lets you check for foot injuries and toe/claw problems, amongst other things. Sometimes getting a kitty to trust you with her paws can take years, but it is still worth the effort and patience.

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cat paw prints

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