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FIVE Games to teach your cat

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Play Tips 1

Hide & Seek

When cats and kittens play this game it's more like seek and pounce, but your kitty will probably be happy to play hide and seek with you instead. Start out easy until kitty gets the idea of the game. Pick a time when kitty wants to play (or, if you have a lazy kitty, try this just before dinner time) Get kitties attention, then run away (you might try taking the treat jar with you if kitty is slow to get the idea) Go hide in a closet or behind some furniture, sit very still and be prepared to wait. Kitty will soon wonder about your odd behaviour, and come to find you. Praise or a treat will help kitty understand the game. Not all kitties will find this entertaining, but some cats will find this a delightful game. Try it out to see if your kitty will enjoy playing Hide & Seek with you!

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Play Tips 2


Kittens know chase, and you can see if your cat will play chase with you. Drag a ribbon, a long strip of fabric or newspaper along the ground behind you, and see if kitty will follow. Once you get her attention, run away - or slowly drag the string away - you'll find what works best to attract kitties attention initially, then you can pick up the pace. Try taking the ribbon from room to room, and over furniture to see where kitty will follow. (Be careful not to leave string or other indigestible toys where kitty might eat them - toys away after play! - even if kitty isn't inclined to eat string, a toy that only emerges occasionally is more exciting).

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Play Tips 3

Hear & Seek

The auditory version of hide and seek, a bit more challenging for some kitties. The trick is to find ways to make quite mouse-like sounds that will attract kitties hunting instincts. Rubbing paper on the carpet, tearing or crumpling paper, or scratching noises work for some kitties. Some cats are attracted by nearly any unfamiliar sound, so play around to see what noises will make kitty come from another room to find you.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Play Tips 4

Window tour

This one is good for cuddly kitties, who enjoy being picked up and carried around. Take kitty on a tour, from window to window, offering her an elevated perspective and new viewpoint. If you notice kitty has a favorite window, next time you can end the tour there. For kitties who don't enjoy being carried, this game won't have much appeal. Perhaps moving a chair near a window to give kitty a new viewing spot for the afternoon would be a good alternative.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Play Tips 5


Some kitties will enjoy gentle cuddle play, ruffling their fur, fluffing their pants, or belly-pats. You probably know how your kitty feels about different kinds of handling, but try experimenting with gentle cuddle-play if kitty seems to enjoy that sort of stuff. Some cats will love it, some will find it too intimidating or unpleasant - be sure to respect your kitties wishes as you experiment.

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