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Meow... Cat-Fort Photos

cat in pink

Welcome to our fort photos page

Cats love to find hidey holes and boxes and small spaces to snuggle into and pounce forth from; and we are no exception. We love a temporary blankie-fort, our box-fort, or the curtains, to hide and jump out from behind. Sometimes the human catches us with the camera. Enjoy.... puuurrrrrs

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Forts and Boxes

What is it about cats and boxes? ... We love 'em!

Dot and Flick - whose turn is it to have the box?
Dot thinks it's her turn to have the box, but Flick is still in it!

The bathtub makes a good cat-fort, particularly with a toy in it!

Bed Fort

Gotta help the humans make the bed... this is helping right?

Flick: what do you mean I'm not helping? This is a great fort!

four sided box-fort square for cats

Happy Boxing Day!

An underappreciated Cat Holiday where we celebrate the joys of empty boxes.

Large boxes and small boxes, nap caves and play forts, boxes can be nearly anything.

We had a fabulous Boxing Day this year, with an all-new box-fort quadrangle!

It's super-mega-pawsome, check out the pics!

feline box fort
This wing has two stories!

box fort for cats
This is the view down the east wing hallway

cats love boxes
Box Fort Inspector Buzz, checking the doorways

cat box fort
Inspecting the roof of the box-fort - must hold a kitty up top too!

box fort photos
Box Fort Inspector Buzz
feline fort of boxes
Even a simple box has great appeal

cat hides in a box A box-fort can be an elaborate construction or a simple box, of nearly any size or shape. Flick is content with any box she can fit into, but a box with a paper cover is extra fun; you take a swat at (or you can pounce forth onto) unsuspecting bypassers.

box fort toys for cats
Flick inside the fort, Buzz watching

cats and boxes
Flick in the fort, Dot ignoring her

cat box fort
Buzz finally gets a turn in the new box fort

Just a few empty corrugated boxes can provide cats (and their people) with hours of quality entertainment.

Look for sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes, and cut several different shapes and sizes of holes to see what your cat prefers.

Flick and the new box fort
Flick and the 2010 box fort

Buzz likes a bag
A large paper bag might not be your idea of a fort, but it's a good place to curl up

Flick in a box
Peeking out the paw-hole, Flick loves her fort

Dot in a box June 2010
In my box with peek and paw holes

Flick, Dot & Buzz: Their first box-fort

March 2010

March 2010 Buzz and the box fort
Guarding my box-fort

March 2010 Buzz and Flick
Flick and Buzz
Waiting for Dot to emerge from hiding in the fort

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Purrrs to you all.

Flick Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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cat paw prints

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