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cat in pink

Welcome to our Teen Year photos page

We're over 1 year old now! Aren't we growing up nicely? Enjoy.... puuurrrrrs

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Spring 2011

Our new home in BC, Canada

Flick, Dot and Buzz survived the ordeal of cross-country travel, and hope the WestJet staff remember them fondly!


Dot in the sun
Dot enjoying the sunshine

Flick with artwork
Flick: Cat art critic!

Flick doing laundry
Flick, doing her laundry

Flick and her wonderful pink and black kitty-toes
Flick with her pink and black kitty-toes

Dot gazing out the window at birds
Dot, watching birds out the window

Buzz and Dot
Dot and Buzz


December 2010

Kitty Christmas

December 2010 Flick first christmas card!
The girls get their first Christmas card! It's from the UK, from their overseas cat friends, and it smells of cats, how cool is that?!?

December 2010 Flick and a christmas card
Flick is really enjoying getting mail, she just isn't quite sure what to do with her card

December 2010 Flick with her christmas card
Flick manages to get the card open finally

Dec2010 Flick with a stick
Sticks are great fun too... (please don't tell Flick that cats don't chase sticks? adds the human)

Dec2010 Buzz with a book... you are supposed to sit on books, right?
Buzz, reading the Joy of Cooking... books are for sitting on, right?

Christmas 2010

Wow, gifts! Cat nip and treats! New Blankets. Tissue paper, oh wow! We like holidays

kitty-cat christmas - Buzz and her cat-nip squid kitty-cat christmas - Dot and her new blankie
kitty-cat christmas - Flick and her box kitty-cat christmas - the three girls, Flick Dot and Buzz
kitty-cat christmas - new nip toys

Flick, Dot & Buzz: October 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Flick, Dot and Buzz are now 1 year old!

Flick and the new box fort
Flick and the newest box fort

Dot hates the camera flash
Dot hates the camera flash

Kittens and string
Dot loves string, even this old boot lace provides hours of quality entertainment

cat paw prints
Flick the Cat


Dot the Cat



Buzz the Cat
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Purrrs to you all.

Flick Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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cat paw prints

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