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Meow... Togetherness

cat in pink

Welcome to our Togetherness

Kitty togetherness! Not all cats who live together play together, but we do! We play together every day, sometimes just two of us, sometimes all three of us, and sometimes we gang up on whoever is napping! At the end of the day we're happy to curl up together and Ppuurrrrrrrsssszzz...

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Dot and Flick napping
Dot and Flick having a nap in bed

2 cats napping
Dot and Buzz
cats napping together
Flick and Buzz


two cats birdwatching

Flick and Buzz sharing a window view for birdwatching


two cats playing in a sunbeam

Dot and Flick playing in a sunbeam

Nap by the Box Fort

two cats napping

Buzz and Flick, sharing a sunbeam by the box-fort

Who's Turn?

Cats who have lost their toy

Sometimes you loose your toys under things... who's turn is it to crawl under?

Sharing a sunbeam

Flick (left) Buzz (middle) Dot (right) - sharing a sunbeam

entertain multiple cats with a cat dancer
All three girls, riveted by the Cat dancer

Kitten pile

3 Kittens in a chair: Dot (left) Buzz (middle) Flick (in the back - ears to the right)

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Purrrs to you all.

Flick Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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cat paw prints

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