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Meow... Cat Toy Photos

cat in pink

Welcome to our Cat Toy photos page

We LOVE to play, we like toys that roll and balls that bounce, furry toys and feathered toys, things that jingle and squeek are entertaining too, and cat-nip toys are best of all. Enjoy.... puuurrrrrs

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cat paw prints

Cat Nip Fishies
Our awesome new cat nip fishies

These nip fish are not safe... cat attack imminent
That's Buzz, attacking the nip fish

Flick and the nip fish

Wow, we got awesome new felted wool cat nip fish for Christmas and we think they are fantastic!

Puurrrrrsssss & Thanks Karen!

Dot showing how to stalk discreetly

Stretch Stalking

Stalking a toy discreetly will give you a better chance of pouncing on it. Dot demonstrates the technique of pretending to stretch while keeping an eye on the prey (toy).

Paper Bags

Cat in paper bag, step 1 Paper bags make great cat toys, or fort-extensions, or hidey-holes. Flick will demonstrate the proper approach to a paper bag

Cat in paper bag, step 2 Cat in paper bag, step 3
cats love papr bags Buzz in a bag


Another great cat toy, a crinkly tube... paper bags can become tubes too.


Kittens and string
Dot loves string, even this old boot lace provides hours of quality entertainment

Cat Dancer Cat toy... Dots favorite
Cat Dancer, Dot's favorite cat-toy!
entertain multiple cats with a cat dancer
All three girls, riveted by the Cat dancer

Flicks new favorite toy, the Turbo Scratcher
Flicks new favorite toy, the Turbo Scratcher

Lost Toys

Cats who have lost their toy

Sometimes you loose your toys under things... who's turn is it to crawl under?

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Purrrs to you all.

Flick Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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cat paw prints

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