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Welcome to our yoga photos page

Like most cats we aren't all that interested in having our picture taken, especially when we're doing our cat-yoga, but the human is persistant, and has a new faster camera, and caught us doing yoga cat-style. So here are the photos... puuurrrrrs

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cat paw prints

The Loaf

Dot demonstrates one of the most basic and restful Cat Asanas, called Loaf. Generally Loaf is performed with the head facing forwards over the tucked in paws, but one can practice a left or right facing loaf as pictured to the right.

Loaf pose a basic asana of cat yoga
Cat Yoga Asana called Loaf Pose Loaf pose with head facing forward and tail wrapped. Tail may be wrapped in either direction, taking care to periodically rearrange the tail for symetry, practicing the asana for an equal length of time with the tail on each side.

The Sphynx

A more focused asana, the Sphynx pose is performed with the front feet forward, and the head held upright and ears alert.

Cat Yoga Sphynx Pose
Variations on the Sphynx include a more extended version that Flick demonstrates on the right.

Paws are further forward, reaching away from the body, for a more active pose and elongated form.

Cat yoga active sphynx pose for cats
Cat Yoga flow from on asana to another Buzz demonstrates a transitionary pose part way between Sphynx and Loaf

Crescent Moon

A gentle back-bending pose, Crescent Moon can be performed on the left or right.
Cat Yoga
Cat Yoga Buzz demonstrates a trasitionary pose between Crescent Moon pose and Sphynx pose.

Buzz demonstrates Crescent Moon pose performed with a Twist, a more advanced asana

Cat Yoga

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Purrrs to you all.

Flick Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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cat paw prints

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