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Meow... Photos

cat in pink

Welcome to our photos page

Like most cats we aren't all that interested in having our picture taken, and we're faster than the average digital camera, but the human keeps trying anyway! Now we've got so many photos we've had to sub-divide them into sections - see below for links to various photo pages! Enjoy.... puuurrrrrs

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cat paw prints

Flick, Dot & Buzz: Photos

See Flick, Dot and Buzz at work and at play, their hobbies and passtimes, and of course the kitten and teen photos too

Toys and Playtime

Cats Toys & Nip

Flick, Dot and Buzz LOVE to play, and playtime is anytime except when sleeping or eating. These photos highlight favorite toys and playtime adventures.

july 2010 cats with their turbo-track

Forts and Hideyholes

Cat Forts

Flick Dot and Buzz enjoy their box-forts, and blankie-forts too... anywhere cozy to hide and poke a paw out at your sisters is good fun. Forts

internet cat Flick and her box fort

Cat Yoga

Cats are naturally very flexible, and they enjoy stretching and bending after a nap particularly. Our human tries to imitate us with human yoga, but people aren't as bendy as cats, so it's not really the same as cat yoga. Read about the Asanas of Cat Yoga and a few of our thoughts about the practice. Photos - Story

cat yoga - the loaf pose - presented by Dot

Cats at Work

Yes, cats can have work. We aren't all creatures of leisure, or cats of independent means you know. We've recently tried our paw at some modeling work, posing with human-made art objects. Cats at Work
Cat and basket


Flick, Dot and Buzz really enjoy hanging out together, playing, napping and helping each other with laundry. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes all three - see the Togetherness Photos

lost toy - who gets to go under and get it?

Kitten Year

See the adorable kitten-year pictures! First Year

Flick, Dot and Buzz were born in October of 2009, and adopted into their forever home in February 2010, and these photos are from their first year.

3 cats Feb 2010 Flick Dot and Buzz

Teen Year

Cats are about at the teenager stage when they are a year old, and are usually considered to be fully matured by 2 years old. So this is the 'teen year' 2011.

Dot in the window: Cat watches birds

PHOTOS: Toys - Forts - Yoga - Work - Togetherness - Kittens - Teens - Back to Photos page

Flick's Tips and Tricks

How to hog the whole couch
couch hog cat
How to vanish before the camera
invisible cat

Purrrs to you all.

Flick Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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cat paw prints

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