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Meow... Cat Stuff

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Welcome to Flick, Dot, Buzz . com - Cat Stuff Page

Yippeee! More free stuff to give away! We have new and challenging cat themed mazes, some wonderful cat notepaper (so you can write oldfashioned paper letters to your friends) and more great treats for cat lovers! Pppuuuurrrrrsssss....

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cat paw prints

Kitty Treats!

Fun cat themed print-your-own goodies for cat lovers!

Mazes - Notepaper - Greeting Cards - Wallpaper - LOLs

Cat Mazes

See our MAZES Page for more fun mazes

Three fun new mazes

Cat and Fish maze

Cat and Fishie Maze

What kitty doesn't love to find a nice smelly old fish head? Help kitty sniff out this seashore treasure!

Cat and Fish Maze 2 - PDF Maze - JPG Maze

Squares and Squiggles Maze

Squares and Squiggles Maze

Wind your way through wriggles and squiggles, and some squares too!

Squares and Squiggles Maze - PDF Maze - JPG Maze

Stormy Seas Maze

Stormy Seas Maze

Storms at sea sometimes look as if both sea and sky reflect each others turbulence. This maze is a tribute to stormy weather.

Stormy Seas Maze - PDF Maze - JPG Maze


Cat Notepaper

Revive the joyful art of the personal letter, written in your very own hand, and send a cat-lover you know a letter today! Enjoy our Cat-Notepaper selections below...

Trick or Tuna Cat themed Halloween Notepaper

Trick or Tuna

Happy Halloween Kitty Themed Halloween Notepaper

Trick or Tuna Note Paper PDF

Cat Notepaper - Paw Prints border notepaper PDF file

Paw Prints

Small paws mark a trail around the page with lots of margin space.

Paw Print Border Note Paper PDF


Kitty Greeting Cards

Halloween Cat Card free to print We've started our own line of greeting cards... free for you to print, just like our notepaper and mazes.


2012 Halloween Card PDF

Cards for cat lovers, cute quotes and blank notes, and cards for cats too... And if you have any greeting-card requests or ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

Visit our Greeting Cards Page for our full selection

Our original card is still available, and new ones will be added occasionally!

WANT MORE? See our Greeting Cards Page

Cat Themed Digital Wallpaper

Cat themed computer wallpaper art Studies have shown that looking at pictures of cute kitties can reduce stress and increase work productivity! Amazing what we cats can do, isn't it? So here's our contribution to your stress-free and productive day, our own kitty-cat themed digital wallpaper.

Our first series of digital wallpaper has black cat silouettes on original abstract watercolour artwork. Enjoy!

See our Wallpaper gallery for sizes

WANT MORE? See our Cat Wallpaper Page

Our Fav LOL Cats

Our Fav LOL Cats

Who doesn't love an LOL Cat?

A choice paw-picked selection of our very favorite LOL Cats and cute kitteh images from 'i can has cheez burger?'

Visit our Fav LOL Cats Page

Kitty Treats!

Fun cat themed print-your-own goodies for cat lovers!

Mazes - Notepaper - Greeting Cards

And More Cat themed goodies

Computer Wallpaper - Fav Cat LOLs

NEW: Visit our DIY Cat Toys page for great cat toy ideas!

Purrrs to you all.

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cat paw prints

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