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NINE Ways to get your lazy kitty to play

Flick Dot Buzz Cat ideas 1

Cat Treat Toys

Cat toys that hold treats for kitty can be a great way to get a lazy cat to play. Often called 'Nom-Balls' they come in a variety of shapes that cats can bat around with their paws until treats fall out. There are loads of different 'treat-toys' out there, but here's one example: http://www.cattoys.com/plntrba2pk.html

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 2

Chase Kibble

Some kitties that are too lazy to chase toys will chase treats - see how far you can get your lazy kitty to run for a piece of kibble!

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 3

Follow Kibble

A slower moving variation of 'Chase Kibble', attract your kitties attention with a small piece of food, then start laying out a trail of kibble pieces, making an obstacle course for your cat to climb, jump, and chase to follow the treat-trail.
Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 4

Find Kibble

Once you kitty has mastered Follow Kibble, you can try out Find Kibble - lay out the treats in interesting places while kitty is napping. Once your kitty wakes up, you can help her find the hidden kibble. If you play this game regularly you can probably teach your cat to inspect the entire house after waking up.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 5

Hear Kibble

A variation on 'hear and seek' for lazy or food-motivated cats. Put your kitties favorite treats (or low cal. treats if kitty is on a diet) into a small glass jar. Shake the jar to attract kitties attention, then give her a treat. You may have to introduce the new treat jar by letting kitty see or smell the treats before she's convinced that the sounds the treats make in the jar are of interest. Eventually you can go to any room in your house and call your kitty by shaking the treat jar.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 6

Activity Feeders

Cats enjoy having a bit of a challenge to find their food, they are predators after all. There are a few 'activity feeders' on the market for cats now, or you can make your own - use a muffin tin or a cardboard egg carton to hide a few treats under some cat toys, and watch kitty dig about and play in search of food.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 7

Dinner time play

If your lazy cat only gets active right around dinner time, try scheduling some interactive playtime for just before dinner, or wait 'till kitty comes to you to tell you she's ready for food, then try to engage her in an activity.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 8

Late Night play

If your lazy cat gets ready to run around bedtime, then that's a good time to schedule some interactive playtime. If kitty waits to see you getting ready for bed, try going through your bedtime routine a bit early, then engage kitty in some interactive playtime when she's getting ready for her late-night run. This might help kitty settle down to quiet time when you're getting into bed too. If late-night isn't kitties active time, then try to find a different time of day to plan some playtime to coincide with your kitties most active time of day.

Flick Dot Buzz Cat Tips 9

Walk your kitty

While not every cat will accept a harness, or learn to walk on a leash, some cats find this an acceptable activity. If you have a lazy cat who needs more excercise, why not try taking her for a walk? Spend some time getting kitty used to the harness before you introduce the leash, or the out of doors. Here are some good tips for training your kitty to walk on a leash: http://www.catsinternational.org/articles/training/walking_your_cat.html

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