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Have a cat who's "thinking outside the box"?

cat in pink Here's an idea for a larger litter box...

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A Bigger Box

When our large polydactyl tabby cat, Mr. Dillon, choose to live with us, we quickly discovered the conventional store bought litter box was not large enough for his business. As a temporary solution, we pulled out one of our "under bed" plastic storage containers. We moved the clothing there in, to shelves in the closet. The bottom half of the plastic box was placed in an area convenient to the cat and filled with litter.

Once we showed Mr. Dillon where it was, he used it properly. It is much larger then a store bought box, measuring 16" (40.64cm) x 22" (55.88cm), thus requiring a little more litter. However the mess outside the old box was eliminated. After seeing how well it worked, we decided to make it a permanent station. We did purchase a piece of rubber truck floor mat at a large commercial hardware store. The store had this on a bulk roll, so we were able to cut it larger then the bottom of the litter box. It makes vacuuming the occasional drops of litter, much easier then removing the litter from the carpet.

Underbed storage containers can make a really good big cat litter box When Miss Cali, the Calico cat came to live with us, we added a very similar box to another and different convenient area of the house for her. We think the size of the box contributes to the fact that both cats will use both boxes. And, we don't buy the litter designed for multiple cats.

So, if you are having "oops, I missed the box" problems or the cat is tossing litter out of the box, you might consider using a under the bed clothing storage box.

From Leonard, Cali and Dillon's human

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Purrrs to you all.

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