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Meet our cat friends...

cat in pink We would like to introduce you to some of our feline friends...

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Meet Cali and Dillon

Miss Cali and Mr Dillon are our long-distance-correspondence feline friends from the USA. We'd like to introduce you to our friends, with this story of their adoption of their humans Leonard and Judy.

Mr Dillon the cat

Mr. Dillon

RE: Mr. Dillon, who came first. One warm fall evening we were going to eat dinner on our deck. But, there laid Mr. Dillon. "Are you hungry," we asked. "Meow" (yes) he replied. So we fed him some tuna in water, as we had no cat food on hand. During the night and on rainy days he took refuge in my scrap wood pile outside, but always hung around the yard. We of course, fed him well each evening, and supplied him with outside water. Later when it got cold, we sectioned off part of the garage with a tarp and provided him with some thick old blankets on a chair, along with a small electric heater for his comfort. He was always friendly with a helping paw, when ever we were out and about. We ran ads in the local paper, on mail boxes and on Craig's List for 6 weeks, but nobody responded. So, we kept him. He was named Mr. Dillon, because of his six claws, after Marshall Matt Dillon on the old Guns Smoke TV show of the 60's. (six claws... six shooters. ) Chester, the Marshall's side kick always called the Marshall, "Mr. Dillon."

Miss Cali the cat

Miss Cali

RE: Miss Cali. Judy, my better half, has her office a short distance from a pet store. So a couple times a week Judy would take her lunch break at the pet store. She made friends with a calico cat in a cage. The cat soon came to recognize Judy and would walk to the front of the cage with a greeting growl. One day as Judy was entering the store, another lady was walking out with the calico cat in a carrying cage. Judy was so elated that the cat was being adopted. When Judy mentioned this, the lady with the cage and cat, said, no... she wasn't being adopted. She was being moved to a place where cats are sent to heaven. Judy was appalled and said no way. So, Judy made arragements and adopted Cali. I said Cali made a greeting growl. Well, Cali was raised with dogs. When we got her home, she acted like a dog. She would even jump up on your leg. We quickly broke her of this, but she still growls and grumbles, instead of meowing. We know she can meow, because once in three years, she did. Dillon climbs our trees often, but Cali never has, even though she has all her claws.

miss cali drinking from the fountain Cali taught Mr. Dillon how to open partially open doors, and Mr. Dillon taught Cali how to use the flip flop door for cats, going into our garage, how to use the scratching post, and how to lay down to get a belly rub. Both cats relish each others company, because they play hide and seek and chase. What is funny to watch, is when they get into a soccer game with a small Christmas ornament ball. Batting it back and forth to each other. Also we will often see them touching noses.

From Leonard, Cali and Dillon's human

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Flick, Dot and Buzz: "We love these stories of how cats find their humans... thanks Leonard!"

Purrrs to you all.

Flick, Dot and Buzz

Flick, Dot & Buzz
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